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Change Log for 30/11/2020

We've made changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These changes include:

We have added a few new features that needed to be included in our documentation and have change some details based on feedback from our users and the National Counselling Society.

We have created our new Business to Business portal, Paranimo Connect. The Terms and Conditions for using Paranimo Connect are now part of our Terms of Service. This agreement is for all users that opt in to using this part of our platforms functionality.

We've also included some new text to cover our inclusion of Therapists own Terms of Working within the platform.

We've also expanded the information we include in our Privacy Policy to be completely transparent about the software services which are used by Paranimo and links to their Privacy documents.

We've also updated our Cookies Policy to include information about Cookies which may be included by those third party software providers.

We've also included a section in our complaint policy about appealing our processing of complaints.